Designing for the End User

We need to think about business software differently. When it comes to designing user experience, there is no difference between B2B or B2C software – it’s business to user. Consumers and business users are people who want simplicity and the power to do more when they choose.

Even developer tools are used by end users that are not developers. Businesses that are creating software must start designing for the end user or they’ll fall behind. How do you create software that is simple enough for any consumer, yet powerful enough to run a business?

We found that historically, the fintech world was catering to consumers, but not businesses processing payments. We soon found that our customers, the business owners, were on every different level of technical experience and ability. We had to think differently as developers in how we catered to our customers in the B2B sphere as a fintech company.

Attendees to this talk will learn how we tackle creating and implementing financial technology for users. This includes what to keep in mind when designing software used by businesses across different industries and with different ability levels, as we did in the fintech world.

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