Brian Collins

For the past 25+ years, Brian Collins has earned his stripes in a variety of creative positions within the ranks of corporate America. He is, among other things, a former Walt Disney Imagineer, where he helped create the magic for virtually all of Disney’s Florida theme parks. At various times in his career, Brian has produced work for Virgin Atlantic Airways, Busch Gardens, The Orlando Shakespeare Festival, SeaWorld, and The Miami Dolphins.

To leverage this background & experience, Brian formed both the Thematic Design Group, which focuses on the Themed Entertainment and Resort industries, and The Brainstorm Institute, which partners with a variety of corporate, military and educational organizations. As a sought-after Innovation Consultant, he combines his design-thinking skills with a strategic business acumen, enabling him to offer creative, design, and planning expertise unmatched in the industry. Brian often channels his love and deep understanding of new, emerging technologies such as AR, AI, Blockchain and more to help clients in a variety of industries. His ability to “connect the dots” between technology and business needs is something he is known for.

In addition to The Brainstorm Institute and Thematic Design Group, Brian also created WDWithMe.com, which leverages his background as a Disney Imagineer. Through WDWithMe, Brian combines his inside knowledge of Disney with his business savvy and offers a variety of both consumer and corporate experiences. His signature events are immersive “Think Like an Imagineer” experiences that combine activities within Disney’s Theme Parks and are then followed by debrief sessions to “connect the dots”. Creativity and innovation are the marks of Mr. Collins’s career.

A passionate educator, Brian has served on the faculty of several schools. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at the University of Central Florida and has also presented at several conferences, delivered keynote addresses, and is constantly being interviewed for a variety of podcasts.

For the record, Brian earned his Master’s degree in marketing from Webster University, where he was a distinguished graduate. His Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising was awarded by Texas Tech University When he is not thinking about how to do things more creatively at work, he enjoys an active lifestyle, including a wide range of outdoor sports and activities. He is also a Captain and Squadron Commander in the United States Air Force Auxiliary (Civil Air Patrol), volunteers for the Boy Scouts of America, active in his synagogue, was a founding member of the Central Florida STEM Education Council, and has served on the Boards of Directors for Forward Thinking Initiatives and the Central Florida Children’s Safety Village. He is always looking for great new clients to partner with and would be happy to connect with you or your organization!

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