Jeremy Joseph

Mr. Jeremy Joseph is an entrepreneur and the Manager of Sensor Application Software at Luminar Technologies, a pioneer startup in the autonomous vehicle industry. Previously, Mr. Joseph founded Tristis Technologies, a startup focused on simulation and mobile technology. At Tristis he developed the Polyblox mobile application and pioneered the linguistic algorithm for laying the languages out on the blocks. Prior to that, he held key positions such as Technical Director at GameSim Inc, Chief Technology Officer, and Co-Founder at Aptas Technologies, Director Technical Services at Presagis and Chief Engineer, Program Manager, and Deputy Division Manager at SAIC in Orlando, FL.

Mr. Joseph’s education includes a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and a Master of Science in Modeling and Simulation from the University of Central Florida. He is also a Certified Modeling and Simulation Professional. He was the chair of the virtual worlds committee for the Defense GameTech ’14 conference and is a member of the UCF Engineering Leadership & Innovation Institute (ELI2). He has also been a mentor for UCF’s Senior Design and Young Entrepreneur and Scholar programs.

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