Kelli Murray

Kelli Murray

I wake up driven to help healthcare harness entrepreneurial innovation. You will find me interviewing CEOs, writing about hidden gems of innovation, and building new pathways for collaboration.

I’ve dedicated my career to helping hospitals improve their performance and bottom lines. Now I help young companies and startups navigate this complex, high-touch industry while identifying their unique strengths, value, and placement.

To do this, I founded – a social enterprise that is a blend of “ground-truth” advice for young, innovative companies and a meeting place for local community collaboration.

Our 2,500+ member community of Health Innovators unites “problem owners” with “problem solvers” in order to neutrally discuss problems, solutions, and how to help each other. We also write exclusive, unpaid, unbiased content about the novel companies that we LOVE, which reaches 5,300+ physicians.

Specific specialties include hospital markets, labor management, operational improvement, informatics, marketing, sales and account management, departmental workflows, innovation trends, product development, business development, market strategy, and industry research.

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