Mohan Zalake

Mohan Zalake is currently a second-year Ph.D. student in Human-Centered Computing program at the University of Florida. He works with Dr. Benjamin Lok in the Virtual Experiences Research Group.

His research involves around developing embodied conversational agents (ECAs). ECAs are computer generated human-like 3-D characters and converse through natural language-style dialogues with humans. He is particularly interested in creating interactive ECAs as an interface to deliver and collect medical information. Although a large population is aware of conversational interfaces like smart home speakers, very few are familiar with ECAs. His research focuses on identifying and understanding user needs of diverse healthcare population to build intuitive and usable ECA interfaces.

He has also developed several virtual reality experiences which demonstrate the applicability of virtual reality in various domains. His interests include virtual reality, natural language processing, machine learning, computer graphics, and human-computer interaction.

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