Necole Pynn

Most recently I was a producer of advanced software at Magic Leap, a mixed reality headset and software company in South Florida. I worked on projects in a range of departments across the company, including: game/ experience development, audio, art and animation, product R&D, interaction systems. My work with these groups is outlined in more detail below.

Before Magic Leap, I worked at EA Sports in Maitland on Madden and NBA Live, and before that at a research institute at the University of Central Florida. I have 6+ years of experience in software production management, and layers of experience in that time in the form of research projects, freelance work, hackathons, and community involvement.

In my free time I contribute to Orlando tech and arts initiatives. I’ve been actively involved with Startup Weekend, the weVenture women’s business center, OrlandoiX, Florida Technology Journal, Orlando Tech Association, and others. I’m currently on the advisory board of Indienomicon, an organization that supports independent game developers.

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